FAQ: Current House Donation Needs

We have received many calls lately about our current donation needs for house related supplies.  Here's an updated list for anyone interested in supporting the house and our transplant families this holiday season:

1. Monetary donations to help keep RHTH warm during these chilly Wisconsin winters
2. Monetary donations for 2 laptops to be used for guests
3. 2 hepa filter vacuum cleaners
4. Target gift cards for fresh fruit, veggies, bread, milk, eggs and juice for guest use
5. Paper towel, 2 ply toilet paper, Kleenex (soft for nose), Kleenex hand towels (60 ply white)
6. Dawn disinfectant dish soap
7. "All" free and clear laundry soap
8. Commercial ice melt for driveway and sidewalks
9. Stamps

Items NOT needed at this time:

1. Toiletries
2. Paper plates
3. Paper coffee cups
4. Canned goods

Thank you all!