Capitol Indemnity Corp: Change for the Better

Dalia Dannenberg from Capitol Indemnity Corporation drove by Restoring Hope Transplant House one day interested in the historic architecture of this house so she did a bit of homework to find out what we were about. She had a co worker named Courtney Larsen, whose father died waiting for a heart transplant. Dalia's compassion and goodwill for others, asked us to come speak at their company Lunch and Learn. Then they set out to send flyers and emails of competition between the floors to raise money for RHTH from spare change and in a week raised $685.64.

Dalia (middle) is pictured above presenting their donation check to Restoring Hope Transplant House Executive Director Cindy Herbst (left) and RHTH Summer Intern Katie Kruse (right).

The power of passion, compassion and coming together for the good of others will always change our world. Thank you all!