Our Story: Transplant Support Group

Cindy Herbst, had the incredible pleasure of meeting with the Vernon Memorial Cardiac Transplant Support Group at Vernon Memorial Healthcare in Viroqua Wisconsin. This group is so strong in their commitment to education and caring for each other in remarkable ways. This group has the solid backing of their local hospital where their relationship with transplant support group coordinator, Bonnie Anderson MS, makes such a huge different. Meeting with Cindy to discuss their transplant experiences, how Restoring Hope Transplant House could make a big difference for patients and their caregiver, and how they as a support group maintain their vitality, public awareness, and taking care of themselves and their families. Those meeting were Bonnie Anderson-Vernon Memorial Healthcare, Patricia Roth and her husband Chuck Reynolds-heart transplant, UW Health, Anna Crogan-heart transplant, UW Health, John Bertling-heart transplant UW Health. Besides this meeting, John and his wife Jackie have been to RHTH, as have John and Chuck. John is also familiar with Gift of Life Transplant House in Rochester Minnesota, so he is aware of how their house operates and cares for others, and how our hope is to model our house after their success of serving and viability for the long term compassion for transplant families.